The Apiary (Best of Vols. 7-9)

The Apiary

SketchFest NYC – Opening Night @ The SoHo Playhouse

The Cody Rivers Show was out of this world–outstanding, absurdist, experimental theater that paddles above the surface of the sketch comedy genre. Their payoffs were rarely immediate and their long scenes often pushed past the limits of comfort, edging the audience not towards boredom, but a point of full-on entrancement.

One piece, set to a pulsating and darkened rhythm akin to the manic dystopia of Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” has the Cody Rivers duo playing Restaurant with two unsuspecting audience members in a setting that could have taken place on the surface of the moon, a research laboratory, Antarctica, or any number of other desolate locales.

Trained dancers and stage performers Mike Mathieu & Andrew Connor would look at-home on or off Broadway. And if a rousing, emotional standing ovation is any indicator, a dedicated NYC run anywhere near Broadway should be something for them to consider.

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