Seattle Gay News (Vol. 15)

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The Cody Rivers Show: The Intersection of Comedy, Satire, and Performance Art

The Cody Rivers Show lives squarely at the intersection of sketch comedy, sharp satire, and avant-garde performance art. It’s tough to get any one of these three theatrical genres right. Doing all three at once is nothing short of genius.

Andrew Connor and Mike Mathieu have been performing together for five years. They live in Bellingham (they’re practically locals) and are the award-winning duo responsible for the inventive chaos that is The Cody Rivers Show.

They dance, they sing, they do parlor tricks. There is no theatrical tool that’s not in their arsenal, and they aren’t afraid to use them. They employ props and music and costumes that double as props and they even drag the audience along for some of the bits.

The boys jump to improv mode at a moment’s notice, smoother than Luther Vandross singing “Always and Forever” while choking down a stick of butter. They are a riotous mix of happenstance and well-honed performance with a titch of serendipity tossed in for good measure.

Did I mention the dancing? Gawwd, you have to see them dance. I didn’t know whether to fall on the floor laughing or run onto the stage and give them a hug. They are truly gifted physical comedians with a sense of timing that is preternatural.

From the football coach with a bright idea to a ping pong game that derails in hilarious ways, the show is smart and fast and never lets you loose. Save the beer for after the performance, because there are no lulls in the action.

I can’t encourage you enough to check out this show. You will laugh. You will be puzzled. You will be amazed. Most of all, you will be entertained.

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