The sketch comedy duo of Mike Mathieu and Andrew Connor creates and performs intellectual, blazing-fast, highly conceptual theater that’s so bizarre and charming and unselfconscious that you can’t quite comprehend what you’re looking at.    —The Stranger (Seattle)

The Cody Rivers Show was absolutely mesmerizing. Forgive me: I didn’t, actually couldn’t, write anything down. From moment one…no one could tear their eyes away.    —Time Out Chicago

There is nothing like this act—original physical and intellectual comedy, terrific mime and puppetry renditions…    —NYC Lively Arts

Razor-sharp sketch comedy full of word-play, tight satire and clever improvisation.    —The Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Wicked imaginations, superlative timing, and breathtaking physical skill…Nothing short of genius.    —The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)

The Cody Rivers Show is possibly as far down the rabbit hole as comedy has ever gone, turning the ability to find humor in chaos into a means of survival for the soul.    —Blogcritic Magazine

They have the ability to make an audience convulse uncontrollably without anyone understanding why…A must-see.    —Only Magazine (Montreal)

Completely unhinged…You have never seen anything like it.    —The Edmonton Sun

A hallucinatory brand of comedy almost impossible to describe.    —Victoria Times-Colonist

After seeing The Cody Rivers Show…everything else will seem less captivating—and far less physically fit.    —Time Out New York

The Cody Rivers Show lives squarely at the intersection of sketch comedy, sharp satire, and avant-garde performance art. It’s tough to get any one of these three theatrical genres right. Doing all three at once is nothing short of genius.    —SGN

There are great physical comedians. And there are exceptionally funny wordsmiths. Mike Mathieu and Andrew Connor, the two men of the Cody Rivers Show, are both.    —Orlando Sentinel

Quite simply two of the funniest people you’ll see in any comedic form.    —The Portland Mercury

Two words: See them.    —The Bastion (Chicago)

Part of the joy of attending one of these performances is that you would never, ever be able to guess what’s in store on stage.    —Cascadia Weekly

The show isn’t so much a work of comedy as it is a work of grand entertainment.    —Charleston Post and Courier

Out of this world—outstanding, absurdist, experimental theater.    —The Apiary (NYC)

The Cody Rivers Show is one of the most unique, inventive, straight-up brilliant live productions ever.    —Charleston City Paper

Cody Rivers transcends standard sketch comedy…as impeccably rehearsed and physically impressive as they are funny…engaging…beyond creative…They really are something you’ve never seen before.    —VH1’s Best Week Ever (blog)

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