Andrew and Mike met at Ohio Wesleyan University in 1996. They performed together in the campus improv troupe and in drama department plays, and they cooked up one or two DIY projects. They lived together on and off after college, and spoke often of putting on a “two-man show.”

In 2004 Andrew was living in Bellingham, WA, and Mike moved up from Seattle to join him. They worked on various shows at Bellingham’s iDiOM Theater, and Artistic Director Glenn Hergenhahn floated the idea of Mike and Andrew doing a show of their own together.


photo by Glenn Hergenhahn

“Finally!” they said.

The Cody Rivers Show, Volume 1, debuted at iDiOM in September 2004. Cody Rivers was a character Mike had invented prior to moving to Bellingham, and when he and Andrew launched the show they thought it would be funny to name it after Cody and pretend he was the star, even though he was never mentioned in any of the material.

They were wrong. Everyone was confused.

So in Vol. 2 they made Cody an explicit presence on stage, and that seemed to make more sense. He had a recurring storyline through Vol. 6, when they got tired of him and killed him off. Now the name once again has nothing to do with anything.

As of 2014 they have produced 17 original volumes of work, plus a handful of rehashed “greatest hits” lineups and short forays into different formats.

Andrew Connor

photo by Greg Nyssen


Andrew Connor graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, where he acted and danced in, choreographed, and directed numerous productions, while also performing in the Babbling Bishops improv comedy troupe. Andrew runs Infinity Live Productions, a live comedy and theater production company. He has toured around the world with his solo shows Boom and Cyclosa Confusa, as well as the play Poison the Well, which he wrote, directed, and performed in.

Mike Mathieu

photo by John Meloy


Mike Mathieu grew up in Beavercreek, OH, and earned a BA in English at Ohio Wesleyan University. For many years he worked heavily at iDiOM Theater, writing and directing several scripts (like Squalor and The Julia Set) and performing in countless others. From 2009-2011 he served as iDiOM’s artistic director. In 2012 he launched Rock Paper Theater, an artistic label that covers pretty much everything he does besides Cody Rivers — theater, films, an eclectic folk band, etc.


some of the festivals Cody Rivers has performed in:

Just for Laughs
The Upright Citizens Brigade “Best Comedy in the Universe” Festival
Piccolo Spoleto
Best of the Best Sketchfest
Edmonton Fringe Festival
Vancouver International Comedy Festival
D.C. Comedyfest
Orlando Fringe Festival
San Francisco Sketchfest
Vancouver Sketchfest
Sketchfest Seattle
Chicago Sketchfest
Miami Improv Festival
Sketchfest NYC
Northwest New Works Festival
Minnesota Fringe Festival
Vancouver Fringe Festival


some of the venues Cody Rivers has performed in:

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (New York, NY)
Soho Playhouse (New York, NY)
Sacred Fools Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)
iO (Chicago, IL)
The Diesel Playhouse (Toronto, ON)
The Warehouse Theatre (Washington, DC)
The Waterfront Theatre (Vancouver, BC)
Mainline Theatre (Montreal, QC)
The Paramount Theatre (Seattle, WA)
Theatre 99 (Charleston, SC)
The Moore Theatre (Seattle, WA)
The Eureka Theatre (San Francisco, CA)
The Miracle Theater (Portland, OR)
The Geery Theater (Sacramento, CA)
Comedy Alley (Richmond, VA)
The Dark Room (San Francisco, CA)
The Grand Theatre (London, ON)
The Manitou Art Center (Colorado Springs, CO)
Curious Comedy (Portland, OR)
iO West (Los Angeles, CA)
MadLab Theatre (Columbus, OH)
The Theatre Garage (Minneapolis, MN)
Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware, OH)


some of the honors Cody Rivers has received:

Genius Award (The Stranger, Seattle, 2009)
Best of Venue (Orlando Fringe, 2009-2010)
“Just for Laughs” Best Comedy Award (Montreal Fringe, 2008)
Best Comedy (Victoria Fringe, 2006-2007)
Pick of the Fringe (Vancouver Fringe, 2006)